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Our suite of solutions will continue to be supported and maintained, and you don’t need to take any action. Lightspeed Restaurant (U-Series) Reports (HQ) Login

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We’re now part of the Lightspeed family! Current customers: Our team is available 24/7 to help you run and grow your restaurant.

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Users assigned to the the Upserve POS Admin role and an email/password login for … If you have any `Active Devices` running the V2 application (Breadcrumb …

HQ Settings Overview : Customize Your Settings – Login

5 days ago — To login to the site, open the /admin URL (e.g. … Home link in the breadcrumb trail) and then view the Author and Genre lists — you should …

Django Tutorial Part 4: Django admin site – MDN Web Docs

Django Tutorial Part 4: Django admin site – Learn web development | MDN

Power Admin Login. Do Not Use The Back Button – Use the breadcrumb navigation or Menus. Change Password – Click Personalize, Interface, Change Password.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to set up the administration site in both its simplest and improved form, how to create a superuser, and how to navigate the admin site and view, delete, and update records. Along the way you’ve created a bunch of Books, BookInstances, Genres, and Authors that we’ll be able to list and display once we create our own view and templates.

Admin Portal – Community Academy of Philadelphia

Admin Portal – Powerschool – Community Academy of Philadelphia

By default, a user with no roles cannot see the breadcrumbs or filter. Administrators can configure the ESS portal to allow unauthenticated users to see …

Community Academy of Philadelphia is located in Philadelphia, PA.

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